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    Arsenal vs Manchester United (Match preview)

    None of the tense altercations of the past!
    Rise of the old order!

    by Peter Scott

    It seems that the Premiership could be going back to the nineties, when Arsenal and Manchester united were the two dominating forces in the league. Not, primarily,  because of their ability to entertain nor their ability to beat everyone in the league, but because of their predictability and consistency. 

    Manchester have always been a swashbuckling team, but under Ferguson were more adaptable, whilst down South, in North London, Arsenal under Wenger took the steely underbelly (backline) of George Graham and combined it with the prowess and guile of Wengers teams giving us a formidable duo that totally dominated English football until the cash-backed Chelsea and Manchester City bought a seat at the Premiership table.

    With this season and the drought in available players, despite the riches of the Premiership, teams have been limited to getting those players that are developing or past it, so only those with good infrastructures are going to do well this season. Manchester United, despite recent changes, are essentially a consistent product; illuminated by the presence of Giggs on the bench, assisted by Rooney and Carrick on the field.

    Arsenal, under Wenger, are the epitome of consistency, even if sometimes "consistent failure"; to quote Mourinho.

    Well today those masters in consistency and style meet again!

    With Manchester under a resurgence and Arsenal not sure if they want to compete at the apex of the league or continue in fourth and third place, this is bound to be a good fixture.

    I expect goals from these leaky defences and a frustrating midfield struggle between two teams that like to control play. Manchester might have that little extra in reserves, based on their recent recoveries in Europe and in the UK. 

    I, like so many others applaud Van Gaal for his gamble on the young talent that is Anthony Martial; who has been dubbed, whilst in France, as the new Henry.
    The future
    Whether he makes it or not, he has brought a spark of optimism to the team and the fans, that could get them through the season and possibly beyond. With so little available in the market today, especially up front, it takes a lot of balls and knowledge to get ahead in this transfer climate. Chelsea went with age, City went with form and Manchester United went with talent....Arsenal went with Cech.

    Arsenal will have to dig deep to get a result against Manchester today. There isn't a lot going for them. Defeats in Europe (against Europe's minnows), defeats in the league and only getting results against teams they are expected to beat. There is not a lot to build on this season, and last season is getting further and further away.

    I expect Wenger will go back to the team that won last weekend and hope that Sanchez continues his revival and that a few of the other scorers will be inspired by him.

    In Sanchez they have an infectious player, full or energy and dynamism, and in Ozil they have the conductor that can direct and control a game, when he is in his zone. Without these two cogs spinning I see Manchester continuing their resurgence and getting a 2- 0 win.

    Arsenal have all the ingredients but need a fire to really get cooking, let's see if Sanchez can bring the fire today at the Emirates.


    Arsenal 1 - 3 Manchester United
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