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    The Naughty Frustrated One.

    The Naughty Frustrated One.

    Sounds like a TV series doesn’t it? If it were, it would have been cancelled by now. Repetitive José getting in trouble once again.

    Manchester United is arguably the hardest rebuilding job ever. Millions of pounds spent and seemingly not much more progress. We’ve seen David Moyes crack, Louis Van Gaal axed and results go downhill as well as league place finishes. Mourinho has come into this team with a huge task at hand. He needs to stamp a particular style of play on Manchester United; one the players will know and be able exploit the varied systems in the most competitive league in the world with.

    Results at first were grand, Zlatan was on fire (he seems to be getting his form back now), Antonio Valencia was crossing balls in the box and he even used his left foot!  However, since the Watford game in the middle of September, results have gone completely downhill. Lack of confidence maybe? The whole Bastian, Mkhitaryian dilemmas? Who knows? The fact is that United aren’t performing and Mourinho, through the heat of it, is struggling with the pressure.

    This weekend, Manchester United were held to a frustrating 1-1 draw with West Ham United.  José Mourinho portrayed his absolute agony at the officials following a Paul Pogba booking by Cantona’ing a water bottle as hard as he could. Subsequently he was sent to the stands.

    It isn’t hard to tell that José is having a torrid time at Old Trafford as of late. He branded United as the “unluckiest team in the league” and this weekends result was United’s fourth drawn home game in a row. The pressure is sure getting to Mourinho at the Old Trafford hot seat.  He has also faced retrospective punishment including a fine for his comments on referee Anthony Tailor regarding the decision for him to be referee.

    This weekend, it could be argued that the officials were a tad harsh on José as I recall a certain rival of Mourinho’s did the same and went unpunished. There is a fine line between passion and unruly actions and Mourinho’s actions, for me, were a presentation of passion.

    Jürgen Klopp is constantly praised for his passion, which is rightly so as his passion for football is admired by many (me included). However Jürgen went unpunished when he said to an official “Are you f****** kidding me” this isn’t a demonstration of passion this is a clear lack of respect for the official.

    Mourinho will be facing a two-match ban due to his most recent action. Is this fair? Wenger didn’t face punishment for kicking a bottle in Arsenals match versus Manchester United in 2009 he got an apology.

    This portrays a lack of double standards from the FA if José receives a punishment. Everyone knows that Mourinho can be so controversial in the press and has received several punishments from the FA. Has this one time been a bit harsh on the special one? Does he need to wind his neck in a tiny bit?

    So let’s remind ourselves of José’s actions in recent times.  In April 2014, Mourinho’s 77 unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge came to an end. This resulted in Mourinho sarcastically praising the referees. He was dealt a £10,000 fine.  Months later in December 2-014 he contested a booking and was hit with a £25,000 fine when he contested Cesc Fabregas’ booking versus Southampton.

    The biggest one of all had to be the whole Eva Carneiro case, which a tribunal was held due to a wrongful dismissal of her as a medical staff employee. Mourinho slammed his medically staff and this whole case sparked a huge issue for Mourinho and his relations at CFC.
    In 3 years José has had 11 claims against him whether it be the FA or former employees of Chelsea Football Club.

     This indicates that Mourinho is certainly a provocative manager, but do you know who else was? Sir Alex Ferguson. How many times did Mike Phelan or Carlos Queiroz have to face the press because Sir Alex was too angry? Many times. I remember the interview with Mike Phelan after Nani’s sending off in the Real Madrid match in the Champions league. Ferguson commented days after saying it was hard to ‘keep faith’ in referees after the card. He was hit with a fine.

    So it’s all well and good saying that Mourinho is a disgrace and has no respect but I just think his passion for the game gets the best of him and makes him go over the top. But this weekends actions don’t deserve to be punished and if he is, It will convey a poor double standards of The FA and show that there is actually an agenda against José due to his past actions which, shouldn’t happen.
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