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    Sutton Win Does Nothing For Arsenal Problems

    Arsenal's F.A Cup fifth round win over Sutton has relieved none of the pressure surrounding the club and it's manager Arsene Wenger.

    Arsenal lived up to expectations and easily defeated National League side Sutton 2-0 despite the rest of the country willing the underdogs on to what would have been a fairy tale victory. Despite Arsenal being able to live up to expectations and the pressure of the favourites tag, something they are not usually the best at, progression in the F.A Cup does nothing to solve the wider issues with the club.

    The squad were once again fatally exposed last week with their humiliating 5-1 second half collapse against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, and with the club well adrift in the title race it looks like the standard Arsenal season. A second round exit in the Champions League now looks almost certain barring the performance of their lives in the second leg, a top four finish and they look on course for a potential F.A Cup triumph.

    Thiago celebrating the fourth Bayern goal. Photo copyright Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images.

    The sad thing for Arsenal is that for a club that insists it's still a top line club in Europe, aiming to attract world class players, this isn't enough. I do not wish to diminish the stature of the F.A Cup as it is still a top line competition and for me is unfairly diminished by some at the top of English football. It would be hard to argue however that the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez would be attracted to clubs like Arsenal solely for F.A Cup trophies.

    Of course they are delighted to win trophies with the club but they will have no doubt been thinking more along the lines of Champions League and Premier League trophies. With their futures hanging in the balance, many think their future is dependant on that of Wenger. For some of the more vocal fans it appears they feel it's time he left. At the beginning of this process several years ago this seemed a touch premature, but with each passing season and the same results the chorus seems to get louder.

    To some it seems clear the club have lacked a natural born leader since the days of Patrick Vieira. It seems in recent seasons that when the going gets tough in the days of February and March of the season that the team cannot consistently grind out results against tough opponents. The clear preference in this team is style, and when it all comes together they can be scintillating to watch. It seems however the team are incapable of playing a defensive style of play when it's needed.

    A banner that has gained support in recent seasons. Photo copyright Mark Thompson.
    It is true the team can grind out the occasional good defensive win in the Premier League against top teams, but in the Champions League the club really struggles. A possible excuse for their recent poor record could be the fact they always seem to be drawn against a top tier side, but to be the best you have to beat the best. The club have not progressed past the round of 16 since the 2009-10 season, something that has become an increasingly contentious point amongst Arsenal fans.

    Whilst some argue Wenger's ability to qualify for the Champions League every season of his almost 21 year reign is a huge achievement in itself, others argue what is the point of qualifying for the competition if they are only going to go out in the round of 16. The club at the moment appear at a crossroads, a transition stage where the future of some of their key players and manager in question. The clubs fans seem divided over whether Wenger should sign a new deal or leave at the end of the season. It's unclear how the people who make the key decisions feel about him, however based on past actions they are supportive of him.

    At the present moment the results the club are producing are not enough to attract world class talent and the futures of Ozil and Sanchez are very much up in the air moment with speculation running rampant over their futures. The next 18 months are likely to be very significant to the future of the club, with the only question lingering on the minds of Arsenal fans is whether this change will be for better or for worse?

    What are your thoughts? Should Wenger stay or go? Feel free to comment below with your opinions and thank you for reading! By Jordan Wilkins
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